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Vertical Manage Group offers a flexible set of support services designed to meet your business needs and assist in effective management of network services.

Types of Managed IP Services

Managed Service Type Description
Managed IP telephony Managed IP telephony service provides, provisions, and manages telephony elements and the network
Managed IP VPN service Managed IP VPN service enables IP telephony networks, differentiating and securing voice traffic from lower-priority data traffic through QoS and class of service (CoS)
Managed router service Managed router service with dedicated Internet access improves QoS by improving router integration with the service provider network that controls router settings.
Managed LAN service Managed LAN service extends QoS into the LAN and helps ensure application quality from the desktop to the router.
Managed firewall service Secure internet access
Business communication Business communication includes IP basic pbx services, mobile numbers services, integration telephone services with skype, automatic auto response phone services...

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